Every man wants to have a woman who is a dream for other men. It is pleasant for a husband to realize that others want his wife, that she is sexy and desirable. Hotwifing gives a man the opportunity to enjoy the fact that his woman is so attractive to other men. And the wife gets the opportunity to freely enjoy spending time and intimacy with other men.

Hotwife is a mutual decision in your couple

There is not a lot of useful information about this fetish, so the hotwife forum in a huge interracial cuckold community can be very useful for you. You can find articles that will explain the nature of this fetish in general terms, but only on the forum you can immediately plunge into the rich world of hotwife.

Forums are a useful place to find answers to specific questions. Communication with other women will give you the opportunity to look at hotwife with real look and appreciate all the nuances.

Women become hotwife for different reasons. And so important that in the forum they all can share their stories and experiences.

Of course, hotwifing can be initiated in pairs by both partners:

  1. The husband enjoys the fantasy of sharing his wife, enjoys watching her while having sex with another man.
  2. The wife has always been polygamous.

Both of you are lucky if both of you are just crazy about these fantasies, love threesomes and are ready to try something new.

Why do women like to be a hotwife?

If you have always considered monogamy as something limited and depriving you of freedom, and your husband is ready to enjoy you while you enjoy other men, hotwife is what you need!

You may even be a bit of an exhibitionist and love when someone watches you during sex. What if it’s your own husband? This is doubly exciting!

The important thing in hotwife is that a woman really loves her husband. Despite the fact that playing with other men gives her pleasure, and the husband is turned on by the fact that his wife is desired by other men, she always returns to him.

Hotwife is fun and enjoyment for both partners in a couple.

This lifestyle has both positive and negative sides.


  • new sensations from dates;
  • sex with another men;
  • hot conversations about dating with husband;
  • photo and video reports that excite the partner;
  • improved sex life with husband.

Bad sides:

  • emotions: anxiety, falling in love, which can ruin relationship with your husband;
  • bad dates and sex;
  • unreliable partners and deception of your expectations.

If you want to become a hotwife the first steps you should take is talking to your husband. And then try some sexy things, but that’s another story.

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