A strong orgasm for a male indicates a lot of cum. A big ejaculation is not only something that a man craves, but it also is a sign of fertility, masculinity and fertility. Can you say that whenever you orgasm, it leads to bigger loads? You may probably have a bigger load at certain times and would like to replicate that feeling. While it may be a common goal that many would like to achieve, they have their reasons and motivations behind it.

An obvious feeling is that it feels good. More semen means better orgasms, a few powerful and long-lasting ones.

What affects the ability to ejaculate more?

The average range is comparatively quite large. It could be from ¼ teaspoon to an entire spoon since the amount of semen that a man can shoot varies. But what are the reasons for that, and how can it have an impact on semen production?


Age is an obvious factor. By the time a man is in his early thirties, the body is aware of the drill and can churn out bigger loads. At this point, a man produces the maximum amount of semen that he can. Once he becomes old, the ability of the body to produce semen decreases naturally. Though he may be fertile and active, the amount production of semen is expected to dip.

Health and Genetics

Similar lines are your general health and genetics. Some of us tend to naturally produce more semen, and ejaculation is on the higher side. At the same time, others with chronic illnesses could notice a decrease in semen production.

Lifestyle habits

Perhaps lifestyle is the single most important factor that has an impact on semen production. Think how frequently your sexual activity, be it sex or masturbation, is; the more you ejaculate, the less you may have things stored up inside. Take into consideration your diet and other habits, be they smoking or drinking.


To conclude, you do not want to be disappointed as there is nothing to worry about. Just a few tweaks in your life, and the results are bound to be assured.

Tiffany bryan