Most escorts don’t date black people, and they do it from various reasons. There is no doubt that black clients are quite different than the white ones, from many points of view. In this article, we will discuss more about this subject, so that you can understand better the escorts’ point of view regarding black customers.

There are escorts who don’t date black people because it seems they are cheapskates as well as thieves. Some sex workers have noted bad experiences with black men who have actually tried to haggle down the price agreed to before the date, while others have had black men let the money on the dresser before the sexual act, grab it, and then rush out after the deed is done. In case you are wondering why don’t escorts see black men, then this is definitely one of the main reasons for doing so. You will very rarely see escorts offering sexual services to black men, and this usually happens with those sex workers who work for agencies. Another reason why escorts avoid dating black men is because of their size.

It is true that not all black men are hung like a horse, and there is certainly lots of scientific research to prove it, but myths as well as stereotypes prevail in this business. Therefore, since being an escort is a business, and the body is the main product, a sex date with any well-endowed man requires a lot more recovery time than the average client. We should not forget that the escort dates two, even three clients on a single day, which means that after a date with a black man she will probably need to take a break for one or two days. So, next time you wonder why don’t escorts see black guys, remember this detail. Black clients are also disrespectful, and if there is anything that an escort hates the most is a disrespectful customer. These men are typecast as being degrading to women in general, and not only with sex workers. They tend to call the sex workers ‘’bitches’’ and ‘’hoes’’, while having any type of sex they want.

 Black clients can be rougher as well as demeaning than white clients, and that’s why lots of escorts decide not to date them. These days, lots of pimps are black men, and they do not want their escorts to actually service other black men, because they are afraid that they might be lured away from the pimp. If that would happen, then it would certainly be a loss of income for the pimp. Therefore, it is a lot better for the business as well as for the escorts to not service black men. However, it seems that the most important reason for the exclusion of black clients comes from pimps who actually hunt down independent escorts and then force them to work under their control. Those sex workers who work for agencies are not having this sort of problems, because the agency highly protects them from all points of view.

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