Sex doll has been gained popularity in present generation due to intense disappointment and seclusion from the society. The social disorientation and separation made people inclined towards the objectification of humane products. The sex dolls have given humane attribute to deal with the presentation of productivity and implication. The sex doll production is an emerging business that took shape in the authority of production and establishment. The new emerging field of popularity has been grown for sex doll purchasing due to technological advancement and commercialisation.

Japanese/asian sex doll has gained much popularity in present time due to the characteristics they have given in the dolls have been complemented by the humane attributes. The sex doll collection in Japan and US has been presumably emerged due to the enhancement of commercialisation and productivity of the time. People started fascinating about the products and they have involved in the form of presenting the product to the customers. The unique design, shape and characteristic features of the Japanese sex dolls have attracted the people. The main and prominent features of Japanese sex dolls are:

  • Smaller in size: the Japanese sex dolls are size wise smaller than others and they are comparatively smaller than the European sex dolls. This characteristic is helpful for those men who are shorter in size and they can handle the Japanese dolls quite well. The men can feel that they are able to protect the lady who is shorter than him and weaker as well. This is the main reason of standing out the Japanese sex dolls. The smaller size of the sex dolls can able to make it comfortable according to place and flexible to allow to be fitted in any position.
  • The beautiful face: face is a very important element to present any product. The attraction centres round the face sometimes. The unique features of the Japanese dolls are they have given beautiful face. They have given beautiful face like human beings. The depth of beauty is found in the face and lips of the Japanese dolls which is very appealing and captivating. The attraction of eye and lip has been the main features of these Japanese dolls.
  • The feeling seems to be real: the texture of these dolls is prepared to have a feeling of the human skins as possible. These features have driven people to buy Japanese sex dolls because they can feel the texture and appeared to be like human skin. When someone touches the doll it becomes hard to compare between a normal doll and a human lady. The dolls appear real like human being and the people who buy them can engender the thought process. The dolls look like exactly the human figure with all essential characteristics and they appear in front of human beings as exact lady with proper image. The owner of the doll can feel the essence of the beauty of them. These attractive features make the Japanese sex dolls not only an object but a companion.
  • To avoid heartache: the relationship is a bonding of trust and responsibility that is found in a marital relationship or any other love relationships. But many men are now a day complained that the demand of women has increased and this is the reason of increasing heartaches in many relationships. The Asian Japanese sex dolls are not capable of handling the stress of the owner from this type of problem rather than a human relationship. Many men use the sex doll mechanism to cope up with their normal relationship. They try to mitigate their problems in relation by utilising the mechanism of sex dolls and the Japanese sex dolls have engendered the procedure of developing humane figures into men’s desire to give them pleasure and mental solace during the time of distress.
  • They appear as house wives: the Japanese sex dolls can be taken always at home. Most of the Japanese women are house wives and they stay at home taking care of their family. Many men prefer comparatively house wives. To satisfy the reasons the men prefer to have Japanese sex dolls to them for safety and security.

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