A lot of us have felt a yearning for love and companionship when we don’t have somebody to talk to and share our feelings with after a pretty tiring day at work. Our loneliness has made us unwilling to be alone again, this sometimes makes us behave irrationally in relationships. In order to pull the person further in and pay us the attention that we have been craving from our relationships, it is better to let time take its course and guide us through. Here are a few things that we all do that can be avoided in order to not drive your partner away in real life as well as on a free dating app.

  • Don’t Look Too Desperate- Sometimes, we get very desperate to keep them close without even realising. We want to go to every gathering, every movie with them. The most important thing is that you design a life for yourself where there are things you do, hobbies, and a social circle you belong to so that you can always carry on with your life even if your partner has other plans. You might be finding your partner turning grumpy, and demanding for space. In this case, you can tell them that you understand them so that they can get some air to breathe. The toxic habit of being too emotionally dependent can’t just break your relationship but is also bad for you in the long run. If you want to meet new people, you can search for the dating app India and give it a try.
  • Refrain From Blaming Game- We all look at our partners for acceptance and encouragement. Instead, you castigate him for everything he does wrong. This might have an adverse effect on them and he might feel rejected, demotivated and not want you to want from them at all. It is better to communicate how you feel when they repeat the same mistake and you might observe a difference. Support and communication go a long way in relationships. A date app can find your partner, but sustaining a relationship needs real work. It is not about who is right or wrong here. It is more about the issue here.
  • Ridiculously High Standards- We all have certain standards that are very important to us and are non-negotiable when it comes to our partners. It is okay to have some standards for ourselves that we don’t like to compromise on. You can always download free dating apps to have a wider scope of options to choose from. However, keeping ridiculously high might burn out our partners in the long run.
  • Trusting Too Early- If someone comes to your home and likes how you maintain it, we certainly don’t give our keys to them. However, if somebody says they like us, we are too early to start trusting them. Trust needs to be earned so that it can be valued and cherished. If you give it too early, they might feel underserved and are likely to take us for granted.

You should always try to show your true, authentic selves to your partner as you want to be with them for the rest of your life. But make sure that you don’t get too comfortable and keep growing in the process. A free dating app can help you navigate through your options and find what suits you best.

Tiffany bryan