For the longest time, both men and women alike were apprehensive about using sex toys, probably because it would mean questioning their existing drive or ability to perform. Once you try the right kind of toy, you will be surprised how these ‘accessories’ can truly spice up your sex life! For those who are still confused or want to know more on how to use sex toys, here’s an overview of the top options.

Using dildos and butt plugs

If you are more into the experience of penetration rather than the vibration, consider a dildo, which remains a classic in this category. Men and women still love dildos, and these are pretty easy and no-fuss to use. Just choose a size that works for you, and it’s always easy to upgrade. Another static option is the butt plug, which could be a good way to get introduced to anal fun. If you have reservations, we recommend that you go for a smaller butt plug, check how it works for you. This could be something that you and your partner try together.

Using nipple clamps

These are pretty famed in the BDSM category. Don’t nipple clamps hurt? Yes, they do, but it’s that sweet kind of pain that you crave for. When the clamps are off, blood goes rushing to the nipples, and with some sucking, you can have an orgasmic session. The new age clamps can be adjusted, so it doesn’t have to hurt beyond a point.

Using vibrators

Talk of the most popular option, and you have the famed vibrator, which works ideally for getting intense orgasms. It’s a common myth that only single and bored women use the vibrator, because they don’t have a man in their life. In fact, couples use vibrators as many times, just to add some fun to the bedroom. Vibrators are definitely fun, and if you check for stores that have sex toys for sale, you will also find models that replicate the dildo but work like a vibrator. There are different settings in most vibrators, and we recommend that you start slow.

Using handcuffs

BDSM enthusiasts use a wide range of sex toys, right from handcuffs to the various designer whips and bondage products. There are no fixed rules on how to use these, but consent and understanding each other is key. Make sure that your partner is okay and feeling comfortable as you try these.

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If you’re wanting to spice up your intimate times, sex toys are an easy method to achieve sexual fulfilment.

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