Being a woman and buying a condom for them is really a tough task in this world. In case you are struggling to buy a female condom to have safe sex, then an ice cream cone condom shopping mall is there for you. Really it is the best platform especially for girls to get their preferable condoms over online in a most effective manner. Usually, men can easily go to any nearby medical store and buy their condoms. But women could not able to do it freely, due to shyness.

Therefore through an online platform, you can get your 콘돔추천 to have safe sex with your partner in a most erotic manner. High quality condoms are available here for girls and hence you don’t have any chance of getting condoms. The condoms available here are made from soft and thin synthetic latex. You have to make use of to via worn it inside your vagina in order to prevent semen from getting into your womb. Each and every condom are clinically tested and approved to come in the market for sales and hence you can get it here without any hesitation.

Facts about female condoms:

  • The female condoms are having the capability of protecting you from sexually transmitted infections and from getting pregnant.
  • Really, these condoms are highly effective, if it is perfectly used at the time of having sex with your partner.
  • The condom packets available in the ice cream cone condom shopping mall will consist of BSI Kitemark or CE mark. This proves that it is clinically tested and approved.
  • The condoms which are available here are for only one-time usage.
  • You must place the condom inside your vagina, before sex. At least before the intercourse process begins.
  • In case women who are not comfortable in touching their genital area can check out the site to find their better 콘돔추천.
  • It is very easy to remove and hence you can remove it by yourself without any issues.
  • No women will get side effects because of using female condoms. Therefore without any confusion, you can use it and have great sex with your partner.

Procedure to use a female condom:

  • At first, open the condom packet and carefully take it out without any tear. Don’t use your teeth to open it
  • At the closed end of your condom, you have to squeeze that smaller ring and then leave it inside your vagina
  • You must be very sure that the large ring at the condom open-end mainly covers the area over the vagina opening.
  • You also must check out that, penis goes into the condom, not at the vagina sides and between the condom
  • After completing the sexual process, you have to remove it via pulling it out carefully. At that time, in order prevent the semen leakage; you have to twist the larger ring.
  • Finally, throw away it

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