In a world where parking spots get stolen, and nagging rates of girlfriends are at an all-time high these days, sometimes it’s good to just come home, and truly unwind. Before you actually take those black work socks off, and rinse off that masculine grime, call a bad girl. God forbid you ask a girl to lick your balls, gooch, and asshole meat; she’ll look at you like you are crazy.

Bad Girls Don’t Judge

If you are hesitant about phone sex because you aren’t sure if you’ll scare her away with your fantasies, don’t be. This is the time for you to fully relax. Come on. Pull it out. Did you forget that you’re a man? There is no room for judgment here. Think about the nastiest thing you’ve never done, but always wanted to, and maybe never will. Indulge. You deserve it, Daddy.

It’s More than Just Cumming

Just because you are a man, it doesn’t mean you don’t have emotional needs. You need to feel heard. For someone to take the time to just listen and cater to you after you just worked tirelessly at work. Boost your endorphins, and release tension that has been stored in your body. Let her whisper (or shout) in your ear as you pop a creamy load, and you feel your troubles leave your toes.

Her Voice

When you tune in and are engaged in her voice, you capture more than just her vocals. You can feel her essence. Like a magnet, you are drawn to her devious mind. How could something so delicate be so nasty. If you aren’t careful you’ll end up falling in love with this whore as she puts you at ease. Thank goodness you aren’t talking face to face with her, because all you’d smell is dick, and maybe pussy, too. God knows what else.

Benefits of Phone Sex

  • You’ll have more intense orgasms, which is linked to lower mortality rates, better cardiovascular function, a healthy immune system, and good skin.
  • You’ll build genuine connections with sensual, hot, feminine women.
  • Having phone sex will help you learn more about yourself and what you like.
  • Creating a safe space to release stress, tension, and relax instead of repressing yourself.
  • Saving money on a girlfriend or strippers.
  • Having a more intimate experience.
  • Saving time on waiting on a hook up, when you can call a queen right away.
  • No Risk of STDS.
  • Intimate experience without breaking the law.

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