Create a sex doll based on your requirements? We take satisfaction in being able to provide high-quality love dolls at BBdoll. To suit the different demands of the worldwide market, we offer a comprehensive assortment of silicone sex dolls.

However, this is insufficient for some clients since they want a sex doll that embodies every facet of their personality.

And who can blame them? Nobody! We enjoy starting from scratch with a customer to create a masterpiece. Believe me! Your grin rewards us.


Several internet companies provide realistic sex dolls with a range of customizability. Maybe you’ve watched sex doll porn. However, before you make your purchase, it’s a good idea to conduct some research on the most fabulous dolls. Visit to get your silicone sex doll.

We provide our clients with a create a sex doll list to select the many traits and features they desire in their fantasy sex doll. You may choose from various alternatives for various body parts such as the sex doll head, wigs, eyes, nipple color, form, and nail color.

You may select from a range of alternatives for various elements such as the sex doll head, wigs, eyes, nipple color and form, nail color.

So, are you seeking a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with all of the characteristics you’ve always desired? Easy! Let us show you what may be customized and how to go about getting a stunning sex doll built especially for you.


At BBdoll, we provide bespoke sex doll choices to assist you in creating your ideal love doll. One of the first selections you’ll make when selecting your doll is whether you want her to have “Custom Options” or “Same As Image.”

To assist you in customer sex dolls, the following is a complete summary of all doll customization choices.


 How do you feel about your girlfriends? Your sex dolls may have whatever body type you like. Choose between a thin and seductive schoolgirl and a big and busty bombshell. Nothing prevents you from purchasing a few dolls and forming threesomes with females of all shapes and sizes. You may live out your sexual dreams with personalized sex doll encounters.


 Every sex doll head has a unique name or number; the head name is in the description of the sex doll. Heads are not permanently attached to the doll’s body and may be removed or changed at any time. Each head is completely different depending on the makeup, eye color, and wig used. The default head selection for BBdoll is the same as the website image ( If you wish to alter the sex doll’s head, please select another head type from the same company.


The areola is the circular region that surrounds the nipples. The areola is manually crafted by BBdoll artisans and may be created in any size (within reason). However, the dolls frequently include a textured region pre-molded into the body of the sex doll, which might limit the ideal areola sizes; these textured sections are generally evident in the doll’s photographs. Of course, you may stain the doll’s areola to any dimension greater than the textured region, but it’s not always a good idea.

In general, we suggest that the areola and labia be the same color.


A thin sex doll will appeal to you if you appreciate ladies with flatter chests. Wrap her skinny legs around your hips and raise her tiny body into the air, allowing her to ride you. Place your cock in her hands and let her delicate caress your member as you reach the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. You’ll feel like you’re having sex with a supermodel, with an inner thigh gap large enough to fit your hand and a tight ass asking for your penis. You have complete control over a thin, seductive silicone coitus doll. Live out your deepest sexual dreams with your sex doll without causing any emotional blackmail.


Shrugging shoulders are a skeletal improvement that allows a more extensive range of motion, most notably the up and down / shrugging action. This modification does not necessarily improve the sexual experience, but it is prevalent among those who intend to use their doll in picture shoots.

Dolls with shrugging shoulders are said to pose in more “realistic” postures for pictures.


It’s all about the torso and vagina when you have sex with a sex doll. BBdoll understands that their customers want the most incredible performance from their silicone sex dolls. You may have your sex doll with either a fixed or detachable cunt.

If you enjoy the idea of going down on your sex doll, we strongly advise you to get the fixed vagina version. However, if hygiene and convenience are important, a detachable unit is ideal. The detachable part is easier to clean and replace; however, the permanent version gives the vagina a more natural appearance.


This dildo is an excellent accessory for homosexuals and lesbians. To utilize the vagina, remove the penis implant. Get the best of both worlds with a tranny stiff penis insert.

Transform any feminine love doll into a transexual doll without another doll! The penis adapter transforms our female sex dolls into trans sex dolls quickly. The insert’s base is readily put within the vagina of a female doll and quickly removed, providing you the choice for both – in an instant.

The insertable penis is a trendy item among couples. You can get one from BBdoll.


If you’re sick of hookups, it’s time to invest in your sexual health. Choose a silicone sex doll that you may enjoy anytime you want, and you’ll never regret it. You may design a sex doll that suits your interests with the customizable choices available at You’ll never feel under-sexed again, and you’ll be able to enjoy your sex life on your terms.

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